Virtually Advertising

Virtual Reality has been a staple of the Sci-Fi genre since before the 1950’s, authors exploring the potential of a holographic fictional experience as early as 1935. A fair bit has changed since the days of the Great Depression, especially technology. One specific technology we’ve seen gain some traction as of late is the gaming […]

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Death of QR

One challenge that physical advertising mediums have is their inability to draw consumers to the online medium, but the modern consumer has a constant connection to the internet through an array of devices such as smartphones and cellular enabled tablets that can re-direct consumers from the real to the digital. First utilised in Japanese automotive manufacturing QR (quick […]

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I’ll Just Bing It.

At it’s most basic, the utilisation of search engine optimisation is to utilise the keywords essential to your business and make them appear higher on a search engines results. But lets be honest its all about how high on Google you are. You no longer search the internet, you Google it, raising the question of how […]

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The future is automatic

Marketing as a career field has evolved rapidly in the last decade in conjunction with the rapid evolution of digital technology and utilisation of data collection technology. Job titles such as social media experts and web app developers would have resulted in some quizzical looks in the 90’s but are now wide spread and valuable […]

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The attachment of geographical location data to your social media activities is not a new feature by any means, with Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook check-in all in full swing by the end of 2010, but with Australians in possession of more smartphones than ever, combined with a faster 4G network, perhaps it is a capability being underutilised, […]

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Things are getting too BIG

Big data was the big thing, in 2010. The numerous challenges that face firms holding onto these Smaug level stockpiles of names, figures and sales have hampered any consistent results. One major hurdle that has been found is the over simplification of the analytics used to sort and interpret the absolutely monumental amount of information […]

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